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Cat toys encourage bonding time between you and your pet. Regular interaction with cat or kitten toys encourages your pet to feel more comfortable with you, as they engage their mind and release stored energy and playtime is essential to the health and happiness of cats and kittens. That's why your cat or kitten will love to play around with Ralph. He is a filled with all-natural fresh stalkless kitty safe catnip grown In the USA.


He will be hours of fun for any cat or kitten.

Ralph the Mouse Catnip Toy

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    Catnip: All natural stalkless kitty safe catnip

    Yarn: 55% Merino, 28% Acrylic, 17% Nylon

    Nose & Eyes embrodiered using cotton thread

    Fill: 100% polyester fiber fill

    Accessory: Metal bell


    Size: approximately 5-6 inches long (not including tail)


    Always monitor pets toy usage. Inspect for tears or damage. Be sure to replace if fiberfill or catnip begins to leak through.