Handmade especially for you...

Ever want to cuss out a coworker but know you can't? Has a family member ticked you off but you held your tongue for the sake of family? Well now you can just throw this at them! 


It makes a great office gift to that coworker who's always dropping the f-bomb. 


It also makes a great gag gift for a friend or family member. Give it as a Secret Santa gift or white elephant gift at your next Christmas party. This lightweight soft squishy ball lets you get your point across without ever saying a word.


It's a handmade knitted F-Bomb for those moments when you need stress relief! 


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    Measures: approximately 12 inch circumference and 5 - 6 inches tall not including wick. Actual sizes may vary depending on yarn weight.


    Yarn: 100% Acrylic

    Stuffing: Polyester fiber fill