Reminiscent of the 1860's Parisian-style net bags used in France to buy provisions from markets and grocery stores. It's still very useful for today's excursions to the market or grocery store, just fill it with some yummy ingredients or your favorite things - flowers from the farmer's market, your essentials for your trip to the beach, big leafy greens, fancy cheese, or loaves of fresh baked bread. This reusable bag is not only tres chic but also strong and practical for carrying fruits, vegetables and other groceries.


Made by crocheting a large square that is then gathered on two sides at the handles and less on the other two sides to form the sack shape. This allows the bag to expand when you add your goodies. 

Market Bag


    85% cotton, 15% polyester


    Approximate size:
    Width: 16”/41cm 
    Length: 17”/43cm 
    Straps: 20”/51cm

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