Handmade especially for you...

This knitted soft block will be hours of fun for any baby or toddler. Made with 100% cotton yarn and a soft foam block inside. Letters are cross stitched on so that it will give baby a nice raised texture to run their little fingers across.


Letters can be customized to your preference or standard A, B, C, D, E, F.  ABC & 123 or customized with your choice of letters and/or number combinations. Letters will be capitalized, no lower-case letters will be used.


Block color choices are: Red, Blue, & Yellow or Black and White.


Please Note: There is an additional $5.00 charge for customized orders. Also, note that shipping times vary for custom made-to-order items, see PRODUCTION TIME for more information.

Alphabet Block

Excluding Sales Tax

    Block Dimensions: L - 4", W - 4", H - 4"

    Machine washable and air dry. Or spot clean with a damp cloth. Recommend machine washing on cold water before baby/toddler's first use.


    Red, Blue & Yellow OR Black & White.

    Standard letters: A, B, C, D, E, F or ABC & 123 or custom 6 letters between A-Z or numbers 0-9

    There is an additional $5.00 charge for custom text.


    For custom made to order items, please allow 10 additional business days for production.


    100% cotton

    Foam block inside

    Handmade in the USA